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What is De Crocky Kombucha all about? Ok. Here we go...

We use a low amount of sugar in our initial fermentation, use the highest quality loose-leaf tea in a LONG, concentrated steep and we ferment for 1.5 to 2 weeks in 1bbl commercially-specialized, 316 conical vessels.

This creates an incredibly balanced, crispy, low sugar base tea upon which we flavour with herbs and fruits that we cold press in-house. It is a great base because we do not make such a thick, almost viscous initial fermentation of tea. After a week, a lot of that muddiness and unfitting tannin drops out in fermentation leaving a clear, gorgeous tea.

We believe Kombucha can be simple, extremely complex, just plain good, low brow, or even heady and highfalutin.

Some Kombucha breweries take semi-fermented tea after a week or two and blend with highly, highly acidified Kombucha. That’s fine. But it doesn’t create a sense of balance we desire. Some use white vinegar in their starter. Not horrible, but the flavours of naturally acidifying through time and patience far exceed expediting the process.

Not all, but a lot of Kombucha on the shelf has practically as much sugar as a soda. Sometimes it can have 18grams per bottle or more.

That isn’t inherently bad because sometimes one might want a sweet drink, but sometimes sugar covers up flavours. And sometimes folk don’t know their healthy choice of booch isn’t really that low in sugar.

We are diabetic friendly and add NO extra secondary sugars to our kombucha.

Our process produces a low sugar, dry, perfectly acidified product. No vinegar bombs. Healthy fermentation means something. We want to always improve on our craft. We want to always learn. We want the industry to grow and improve and expand and become better.

All breweries have their different techniques. As long as these techniques are about creating the best product for their consumer possible, then the world is aligned. 

De Crocky | Kombucha

De Crocky Kombucha

Kombucha has been called a health elixir, the tea of immortality, and a nectar of the gods. We just call it our favorite thing to drink. For some people it’s a way of life, for others it’s a tasty and healthy treat, but just what is kombucha?

Fizzy, bright, and noted for its helpful probiotics, kombucha is a lightly-effervescent drink made by combining sweet tea with bacteria and yeast. The result is a sometimes sweet, sometimes tangy beverage that is typically served cold. Fermented drinks like De Crocky Kombucha are high in vitamin B and good bacteria and help contribute to digestive health.

Kombucha helps keep your body in balance — and a body in balance feels better! While many people still enjoy crafting home-brewed kombucha, most grocery stores now stock a wide and wild assortment of delicious and innovative De Crocky Kombucha flavors.

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Unfortunately, we currently only ship to Johannesburg and Pretoria, :( however, we do sometimes make special arrangements for shipments over South Africa.

Please send us your query to and let's see, maybe we can take a drive! 

Soon to be everywhere! 

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Love the mask! I must say, I go for a chemical peel once a month because I strugle with acne. This mask has the same feel but gentler.


We bought a few bottles of Kombucha from you at the Rosebank Market a few weeks ago and we loved it.  I have tried a few brands of Kombucha on the market but De Crocky tastes really authentic.

Laura Wingrove

Honestly the best Kombucha! I don’t like Kombucha at all but I will definitely be buying from you again! Thank you.

Jessica Botes

Bought some of your booch last night at Irene market! Best booch ever! You have yourself a new groupie…


Great kombucha, especially the cheeky pineapple! Great gents as well!

Ben-Christo Swanepoel

I bought my first Kombucha drink from you at Rosebank  Mall, now I am hooked and need to try them all!

Melissa v.d Berg

Yellow-Vibes was delicious wish we had bought some more bottles.  It was nice to meet you gents!

Ralph Young

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