De Crocky GREEN

Imagine only paying for the booch?
As some our Crocky fans come to know our new formula and bottle is ALL the RAGE!

"It’s balanced, tangy and bubbly in all the right ways."

With this, we would also like to introduce our new initiative in our pursuit of ethical sustainability – We introduce De Crocky GREEN.

We have partnered with a local recycling company to wash and sterilize our bottles that's been in circulation, this means that we offer a R3 reimbursement
for EVERY 500ml bottle you return on your next order!

This initiative ONLY applies for the 500ml bottle, if you have any empties i.e. 6 empty bottles, simply type "Return6" (Without quotation) on the checkout promo code field.  This will then amend your billing amount. 

Simply put, (Return + Number) Return12 or Return10 and so on...

On delivery, simply hand the delivery guy the empties back and go dance around a tree and cheers a Crocky for being so GREEN!

Simply get in touch with us via WhatsApp/Webchat or Email channels and ask us about the buy back policy.

If you are a booch lover or De Crocky fan, please consider your utmost valued support in effort to help us keep the tea brewing during this challenging times of our beloved planet.

We are truly passionate about what we do and how we produce our fully organic tea, we trust we will all Endure!
With love, Namaste.

The De Crocky guys! 🐊💚