De Crocky Blood-Orange Bliss 500ml

De Crocky Blood-Orange Bliss 500ml

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Utilizing natural rock-mineral elements to harmonize our beautifully active culture when we bottle the Crockies, this, to ensure you can enjoy your fizzy booch on the go, without over fizzy surprises!

Ruby fruit, Blood-Oranges and Kalahari mineral salts on a 98% Kombucha Green Tea base.

Key Benefits of Kombucha:

  • Better Skin, Hair & Nails
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Improves circulation
  • Increased Energy! “The Booch Buzz!”
  • Improves digestive health
  • Binds to synthetic polymers (plastics) & flushes them out from your system
  • Helps detoxify your body
  • Aids Vitamin-Deficient diets
  • Contains naturally occurring probiotics 
  • Improves the balance of intestinal flora
  • Relief from conditions like gout, IBS & candida and Rheumatism

Benefits of De Crocky Kombucha:

  • We NEVER touch plastic. (Our brewing equipment, fermenters, brewing paddles and siphons are made with surgical stainless-steel 316 and we bottle in glass)
  • Fully Organic
  • Organic Herbs & Fruits are cold pressed in house
  • Our De Crocky recipe is harmonized with a secret blend of natural rock minerals.
  • Vegan registered
  • High vitamin B12 content

De Crocky Kombucha is an ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable business –Choose GREEN, Choose De Crocky:

  • Bottles are made with 40% recycled glass
  • Partnered with a sterilization company to recycle our used bottles. Our buy back policy of R3 per bottle minimizes our impact on the environment. (Read more on our De Crocky GREEN tab above)
  • All of our cleaning & sterilization supplies are natural and safe for waterways
  • All packaging is recyclable

Please Note:

  • Kombucha is a natural, “live” product, the taste of your De Crocky Kombucha  may vary from batch to batch. One bottle may be slightly sweeter, fizzier or drier than the other. Savour the surprise!
  • Kombucha is made with sugar, we use organic unrefined, fair trade, cane sugar that is cut green at harvest. Most of this special plant stuff is ‘digested’ by the symbiotic culture of bacterial yeast during the fermentation process, so only trace elements of this is left in the finished batch.
  • Each De Crocky Kombucha bottle may contain some culture sediment, which might look stringy or appear as a film over the top of the drink. This is completely normal; in fact, the sediment contains the highest amounts of vitamin B12 & probiotics, so it’s especially good for you!
  • Small clumps or sediment may form in your raw, living kombucha; this is normal. You can strain your kombucha if you prefer a smoother drink, or give the bottle a gentle shake to mix it up (just be careful when opening a shaken bottle!)


  • Refrigerate before opening
  • Do not shake too vigorously

Care Instructions:

  • Keep refrigerated


  • If you have any concerns about drinking kombucha, please speak to your health care professional for advice.  


  • 500ml Glass Bottle


  • Spring water, organic* unrefined sugar, organic*, organic* black tea, kombucha culture and 4% Fruit and Herb puree
  • Certified Organic by ECOCERT ZA-BIO-154

Typical nutritional information (per 100ml):

  • Energy (kJ / kCal): 115
  • Protein (g): ≤0.3
  • Total carbohydrates (g): 3.1
  • of which total sugar (g): ≤1.6
  • Total fat (g): <0.1
  • of which saturated fat (g): <0.1
  • Dietary fibre (g): <0.5
  • Sodium (mg): <5
  • Vitamin C (mg): 3.4
  • Vitamin B12 (µg): 1.7
  • pH: 2.7

Country of Origin:

  • Product of South Africa